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EVLO meets UL 9540A Performance Requirements, Underscoring Product Safety, Resilience and Innovation

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Test results confirm EVLO’s position as an industry leader in safety with successful containment of thermal runaway within a single module.

We are pleased to announce that our EVLOFLEX battery energy storage system (BESS) has met the UL 9540A performance criterion for thermal runaway containment. These positive results were also obtained for the previous generations BESS, the EVLO 1000 and the EVLO 500. The UL 9540A test method underscores the system’s industry-leading safety features, and overall resilience and quality. This achievement is an important milestone in the company’s commitment to ensuring that its products meet the highest standards.

During the thorough testing process, a cell is forced into thermal runaway by the effect of heat films. The BESS is then evaluated with a series of performance criteria related to fire and explosion hazards. The mitigation strategy implemented in the BESS prevented the cascading of the thermal runaway by slowing down the propagation and containing it within a single module, thus maintaining the event at a low severity level . For example, in the case of the EVLO 1000, not only were the neighboring enclosures protected, but also the other units within the enclosure.

At EVLO, safety is our top priority. We are committed to delivering energy storage solutions that not only meet regulatory requirements but exceed them,” said Michel Cousineau, CTO at EVLO. “We are confident that our customers will appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our BESS has undergone rigorous testing and has proven to be a safe and reliable solution.

The UL 9540A test is a mandatory validation step for the development of EVLO’s safe and reliable BESS products. It is recognized by industry standards, including the International Code Council International Fire Code (IFC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 855, and various local and international building and fire codes.

The most recent tests were performed on the EVLOFLEX our grid-scale battery energy storage system designed for high performance and reliability. It has a modular and scalable design, allowing for ease of deployment and expansion. Click here to learn more about its advanced safety features.

About the author

Philippe Mongeau

Mechanical engineer

Philippe Mongeau is a mechanical engineer with EVLO — a fully integrated battery energy storage system provider and subsidiary of Hydro-Québec — where he oversees performance testing including UL9540A, CFD and FEA simulations, thermal management systems design and product certifications. With a deep knowledge of cell lifetime modeling and a passion for pushing the boundaries of innovation, Philippe has played a key role in advancing EVLO’s battery technology, including designing a diagnostic tool capable of predicting LFP cell degradation.