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Meet the EVLO Team: Bruno Soulières


Our Employee Spotlight series celebrates and highlights the EVLO team’s unique talents, achievements, and perspectives. This month we’re shedding light on Bruno Soulieres, Sales and Proposals Director, for his contribution to advance our mission and accelerate the energy transition.


What is your professional background?

I’ve dedicated my education and my career to working in the renewable energy sector and related technologies. At school, I studied electrical engineering with an energy specialization and underwent a number of internships, all of which had me interacting with electrical systems. After I graduated, I started working at General Electric (GE), which was both exciting and rewarding, as it allowed me to continue in the same field that I was passionate about. I spent more than a decade working in various roles on hydro powerplant projects, starting from R&D on electrical insulation systems and hydro generator design, to becoming team leader and project engineer. I finally joined the commercial team as a Senior Sales and Proposals Manager where I worked on various large refurbishment projects, including generators, turbines and valves for the North American market. After a few years in that role, I decided to move on for something new, which is when I joined EVLO — and I haven’t looked back since.


What made you pursue a career in energy storage with EVLO?

From the first discussion I had with EVLO, it really spiked my interest. What was most appealing was the freshness of BESS technology and how it is connected to renewable energy; the market is young, innovative, and disruptive — a massive change from the long-established hydro sector I worked in before. In addition to immersing myself in a rapidly evolving field, joining a startup developed by a Canadian utility, meant greater workplace connectivity. In a smaller, close-knit environment like EVLO’s, it’s easier to feel like everyone is unified with the same mission, objective, and purpose.


What are some of your favorite things about your job?

Everyone on our team, no matter their position, gets to have a material impact on EVLO’s success. This is extremely motivating and rewarding — seeing our efforts translate into real-world projects that benefit communities and the environment. I go to work every day knowing that I’m going to make a difference. Speaking to prospective customers, learning what their needs are, and delivering solutions that make their communities healthier, more resilient, and sustainable is a great feeling, and I get a front-row seat to it all.
My colleagues, of course, are the other highlight of my work. Being a part of a dedicated team that genuinely values each other’s opinions and perspectives makes everything better, and I love being able to help my team members grow professionally.


Can you share some future goals you have for EVLO?

Continuing to grow and participate to the energy transition, a green economy and establishing EVLO as one of the leading BESS providers in North America — and perhaps, beyond — is my greatest goal. Although it’s somewhat difficult to predict how the BESS market will evolve in the next few years, I’m committed to doing my part to ensure EVLO continues developing and deploying ultra-safe, industry-leading battery technology.


What’s a proud moment you’ve experienced during your time at EVLO?

Achieving over 500MWh worth of EVLOFLEX orders as a team in 2023 — before we had even manufactured the first commercial unit — is without a doubt one of the proudest achievements. It really showed that what we’re doing for our customers and the energy transition is being recognized for its value. We’re cultivating an atmosphere of trust and safety at EVLO every single day and our robust preorder sales are a testament to that.