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EVLO technology stack for energy management

Unlock the potential of your energy storage assets

Our energy management system (EMS) software suite features internally developed proprietary algorithms that dynamically route power flow in and out of individual battery strings, delivering a unique solution adaptable to any grid or service requirement.

EMS software suite


Operation & maintenance

  • Minimize impact on availability during maintenance
  • Onsite and remote supervision and control 
  • VPN secured interface accessibility
  • Manual and automatic ESS device management

Data & event management

  • Powerful EVLO-tailored IoT infrastructure
  • Hierarchical alarm supervision module 
  • Instant email alerts
  • Historical and warranty data collection and visualization
  • Customizable operational reports

Monitoring & analytics

  • Monitor your projects with a multi-level control approach
  • Analyze equipment warranty data
  • Remote real-time service monitoring
  • Cloud-enabled advanced analytics with data backups

Safety & cybersecurity

  • Securely access and protect project site networks
  • Utility-grade SCADA security for industrial operations
  • High grade encryption and authentication mechanisms
  • Private, VPN-based remote access environments
  • High-availability networking architecture

Interfaces & solutions

  • Compatible with all industrial protocols for connecting to external entities
  • SCADA and external controller interfaces for renewables or micro-grid
  • Multi-industrial protocols supported: DNP3, Modbus TCP, and more

Key features and benefits of EMS EVLOGIX

Proprietary software to manage your entire solution from end-to-end

Modern intuitive user interface

Supports multiple grid services

Powerful system diagnostic interface

Adapted to large-scale solutions & projects

Stronger safety & security management

Scalable and modular for easy maintenance

Complete energy management services with customizable tools


Our EMS technology stack supports and optimizes battery energy storage systems. With the EVLOGIX, we evolve with your project needs to provide a better energy experience. What’s included:

Grid interconnection

  • Frequency control 
  • Voltage control 

Revenue generation 

  • Peak shaving 
  • Arbitrage 
  • Renewable coupling 


  • Balancer 
  • Equalizer