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Introducing EVLOFLEX: Our most powerful and flexible BESS to date

EVLOFLEX Energy storage

After an intensive development process with around-the-clock research, testing, consulting, and verification, we’re proud to introduce our next-generation battery energy storage system (BESS) — the EVLOFLEX. The most powerful and efficient of EVLO’s offerings to date, the EVLOFLEX provides energy flexibility for greater resiliency, but also features a configurable power density of 1.65 MWh, 2 MWh, or 2.5 MWh and incorporates a complete set of industry-leading safety and energy management features. The EVLOFLEX can be used for a wide range of applications at the same site to help utilities and grid operators cost-effectively firm renewable energy at scale.


EVLO began development of the EVLOFLEX in early 2021 to continue improving upon the safety and efficiency of the EVLO 1000. As a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec — North America’s largest renewable energy utility provider — EVLO ’s deep technical expertise helped identify innovative strategies focused on delivering unrivaled product value and safe, efficient, and reliable energy storage solutions. Additionally, EVLO involved industry stakeholders, our Product Innovation Advisory Board, from the beginning, incorporating their valuable input throughout the design and engineering process.


After extensive testing and analysis, our engineers were able to achieve higher density and versatility with the EVLOFLEX to enable more efficient use of space and reduce overall project costs for our clients. The battery’s modular design — which is smaller than the EVLO 1000 — punches well above its weight in performance. As a result, the EVLOFLEX is a cost-effective solution in both the short and long term, delivering 100% depth of discharge and nearly 90% round-trip efficiency. The battery also boasts a superior lifespan — up to 7,300* cycles over 20 years — without needing any replacements.


Safety was not an afterthought. We prioritized incorporating unparalleled safety features into the design of the EVLOFLEX to minimize the risk of thermal runaway. The battery employs our safer, more stable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry, and has overlapping layers of intelligently designed fire safety features spanning all levels including the cell, module, rack, tray, and enclosure. Each EVLOFLEX unit also features a centralized commercial HVAC unit, available with a noise reduction option, that feeds cool air into the battery, helping contain potential thermal runaway events. The EVLOFLEX’s safety features are activated via natural convection and include failsafe mechanisms to ensure operation even during loss of auxiliary power. 


Just as with other EVLO products, we also carefully selected materials and suppliers for greater safety and reliability and to align with public incentives. And from a manufacturing perspective, we chose to work with reliable partners to create one of the most optimized North American BESS solutions. We have a whole team dedicated to understanding not only our supply chains, but the supply chains of our partners to ensure that the EVLOFLEX is manufactured responsibly and sustainably.


EVLO’s customer-centric approach to design combined with our unwavering commitment to safety have produced more than just an incremental improvement upon previous EVLO products. From performance to safety to versatility, the EVLOFLEX is truly a next-generation BESS capable of tackling the challenges facing utilities and the grid.